Who is CredShare?

CredShare Mar 5, 2021

Background to CredShare

It’s easy to forget, but compliance is about protecting people. 

From dangerous work conditions…

From substandard work…

From being taken advantage of…

When things go wrong legislated and regulated protections follow close behind, and so they should!

But the legislators and regulators rarely consider how those obligations can be efficiently satisfied. The burden of meeting compliance falls upon organisations, and it can be a heavy burden to carry.

The problem is, the harder compliance is, the greater the chance of mistakes or avoidance. When that happens, penalties usually arise.

Australian (and global) Work Health and Safety laws are changing, with a wider net and bringing higher financial penalties and the possibility of criminal liability if things go wrong.

Who is CredShare

We started CredShare over 5 years ago with funding from like-minded investors with a plan to make organisation and workforce compliance management easy, because we believe compliance is too important to be so hard.

We believe that the easier compliance is to do, the more likely it gets done. 

We believe convenience, transparency and efficiency are essential foundations of safety and quality outcomes for our customers.

We’re on a mission to make organisation and workforce compliance easier than ever, and in doing so, empower safer, better, and faster tasks and projects – across the globe.

So our purpose is to help get things done safer, better, and faster.

Our management team and board come to CredShare with diverse backgrounds and experience. Together we share a common belief that getting credential management right will reduce the burden of compliance requirements and at the same time improve outcomes for all in the compliance ecosystem.

Our focus on simplifying and improving credential management means we can deliver benefits to a stakeholder that include: 

  • For individuals through great convenience of having all credentials in one place, expiry alerts; verified user identity through access to the Australia Post Digit iD service; highly secure and encrypted storing and one-to-one sharing of credential data; control over who sees their credentials and for how long; better safety outcomes because they have evidence that they know what they are doing; more opportunities because showing their credentials to recruiters is a few simple clicks away; portability of their credentials means no more reentering of credential information to new employers and opportunities;  all this for no cost!


  • For organisations through lower cost; better and transparent reporting; flexible role requirements design; considerably less admin effort to manage; clear accountabilities for management; credential expiry and refresh alerts; the potential for reduced insurance premiums through better compliance evidence.

    These CredShare functions apply also to employees and subcontractors and service providers so that their organisation credentials (insurances, permits and licences) and the credentials of their employees can match those required. Costs are low, with joining fees and monthly charges based upon the number of “CredShares” open from time to time. CredShare turns the burden of compliance into customer trust by transparently evidencing their credentials to consumers and other organisations.


  • For credential issuers, though improved customer service arising from greater transmissibility of the credentials they issue, simplified verification evidence, ongoing connection with their students, licensees and permit holders to make the next engagement more likely all for no cost.


  • For regulators through improved safety outcomes; transparency; evidence of credentials in the field; reduced cross border jurisdictional friction: facilitating the benefits of digital transformation.

You too can be a part of CredShare and access these benefits. Joining is simple and free. For more information visit www.credshare.com