What will you be doing with your COVID-19 Vaccination Card?

COVID-19 Mar 26, 2021

The time has finally arrived. 

COVID-19 vaccination programmes are well underway around the world, and those opting to be vaccinated are now able to do so. 

Rollouts are accelerating and the majority of most countries’ populations are now expected to be immunised over the next six to nine months.

Apart from the personal relief of being protected from COVID-19, another safeguard being provided is a ‘proof of vaccination’ via:

  •  a centralised Government Immunisation Record, or
  •  the issuance at the time of vaccination of a proof of immunisation card per individual, or 
  • an email notification from your vaccination practitioner or GP.

The certification of being vaccinated for your work, study, or travel purposes may be very important if regulations around proof of vaccination are introduced by Governments, employers, or particular industries such as hospitality and tourism.

So thought must be given on how best to secure personal data through this vaccination record and ensure that only those that need to view are given access.

This is because hacking of personal information from individuals sharing vaccination details on unsecured social media channels is on the rise. Scammers are taking the opportunity to lift details of your identity in unprecedented numbers.

How CredShare Can Help

CredShare ensures your data is safe from cyberhackers by using a multilayer verification process.

Here’s a look at the steps users typically go through to securely and safely store their credentials or in this case a COVID-19 vaccination card on the CredShare cloud-based platform. 

  • Create a free individual CredShare account to store all your credentials and certificates that can be stored on your smartphone or on the web.
  • Then, you create a digital version of your record of immunisation that can be saved to your CredShare digital wallet.
  • Finally, when you are required to do so:
  • You can easily show the record of immunisation from your smartphone in person, or 
  • Provide a link to the immunisation record from your CredShare account to anyone that you decide needs to see it

In this way, your personal data cannot be compromised because you are in full control of who can see this information and why.

Simple, easy, and safe. 

CredShare provides you a hassle-free solution to secure your COVID 19 record of vaccination.