Vaccine Status At A Glance: The Key To Safely Reengaging The Hospitality Workforce

COVID-19 Sep 3, 2021

With Australia now racing towards a 70% vaccination target, thoughts need to be spared for the industries still enduring the ongoing restrictions. Among those most affected, Tourism & Hospitality have been vocal in their support of mandating vaccinations across their workforce as our quickest route to a new normal, free from uncertainty and lockdowns. 

A recent survey from the Restaurant and Catering Association shows that over 60% of restaurant and cafe owners support vaccinations for all staff. Likewise, Qantas and Virgin Australia have gone one step further in mandating jabs across their respective workforces.

As more businesses follow suit in ‘putting a jab on the menu’, the question of how employers can best manage their workforces’ vaccination uptake has been front of mind. 

Video from the Put a Jab on the Menu Campaign

CredShare’s Head of Growth and Partnerships, Kerry Tate, says, “Employers of all sizes are looking for simple solutions to track vaccination uptake across their workforce. We’re working with many partners across the Travel and Hospitality industries to provide just the answer and help them get back to business sooner.”

CredShare’s partners in the hospitality industry have jumped on the addition of staff COVID Vaccination certificates as part of their workforce credential overview. 

Once invited, staff can upload their vaccination certificate (along with any other essential credentials such as their RSA/RSG certificates, police checks or ID) to their personal Credshare app, sharing them directly with their employer. 

Venue owners can now see at a glance which staff have shared vaccination certificates and get a view of the overall state of the rollout across the business.

As with all key employee documents, tracking who has what, what’s due to expire, and what is missing can be a challenge at the best of times. For businesses trying to provide a COVID-safe workplace in the current climate, this can be doubly difficult.

With vaccination certificates shared from the employee’s personal account, staff maintain control over who has access to their sensitive information with the ability to revoke access at any time – perfect for staff working across multiple jobs or venues, and a benefit for employers concerned with maintaining privacy regulations.

“It’s our hope that with a simple and secure solution like CredShare, we can support a smooth return to full operations across hospitality, tourism and more.”

To learn more about safe, simple credential sharing check out CredShare here.