Making ID Child's Play - Getting Kids Out And About In Newly Opened NSW

COVID-19 Oct 11, 2021

It’s October 11, and the fully-vaccinated are celebrating freedom day across NSW.

People are flocking back to the pub, the hairdresser, their favourite cafe and more – provided they can prove their vaccination status. But there is one group that – through no fault of their own – will struggle to re-enter hospitality, entertainment and recreation venues in NSW.

Under the COVID-safe settings Children under the age of 16 who are not fully-vaccinated must:  

  • be in the company of a fully-vaccinated adult from their household 
  • and carry proof of their name and address. 

As at the last report on October 6 only 9.42% of 12-15 years olds have been fully-vaccinated which means the vast majority of kids under 16 fall in this classification above. 

If you’re looking forward to your family’s first meal out, or getting a professional to fix your tween’s awful home haircut – you may get asked to prove who your child is, and where they live. 

To help you prepare for your next family outing we’ve pulled together a list of credentials that might be helpful if you are asked to prove your child’s identity and address while out and about in NSW.

Proof of Identity: 

  • Child’s Passport
  • Child’s School issued ID

Proof of Address: 

  • Proof of your own address + your relationship to them. This could look like: 
    • Your Drivers licence + family medicare card
    • Your rates notices + their birth certificate
    • Rental agreement + adoption papers
  • A statement for the child’s bank account
  • School or childcare enrolment records

To make things even easier – any or all of the above information can be loaded to, and shared directly from your phone with the CredShare app. Older children can even have the app loaded to their own device and easily manage proving their own identity and address if asked.

While the coming weeks will show how different businesses and venues respond to welcoming back children, being prepared with this information could help things run more smoothly, for you and for the business you’re visiting with your child.

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