Introducing Kerry, Oscar & Rua


We’re proud to announce that the CredShare team has expanded! 

Meet our newest members Kerry, Oscar & Rua. Here’s a little bit about each of them, what they bring to the team, and why they chose to join us at CredShare.

Kerry Tate – Head of Growth & Partnerships

About Kerry
With more than 10 years experience spanning Asia Pacific and EMEA regions, Kerry brings a demonstrated success in commercial growth, business operations and strategic global partnerships for some of Australasia’s most recognised tourism and hospitality brands. 

Kerry brings a strategic partnership approach to Credshare’s commercial growth, ensuring our customers’ needs remain at the forefront of everything we do. 

What Kerry Brings to CredShare
Kerry draws on his vast experience in commercial growth to help usher CredShare into the next exciting phase of our journey. His approach is strategic yet personable, with a curiosity around working with you to leverage your unique operation in partnership with CredShare.

Why CredShare?
Credshare’s mission of making credential management easier than ever serves business across a huge number of industries. This enables them to operate more efficiently with a level of transparency, security and support unlike ever before. 

Oscar Omegna – Chief Technology Officer

About Oscar
Oscar is a highly experienced professional with an entrepreneurial mindset who’s demonstrated ongoing success in establishing and growing start-ups into profitable, multi-million-dollar operations. He’s played a key leadership role supporting founders in pursuing investment opportunities, creating technology roadmaps, and scaling their business. Oscar comes to CredShare with his comprehensive technical knowledge and expertise as he oversees the end-to-end development and delivery of our market-leading SaaS platform.

What Oscar Brings to CredShare
Oscar’s role at CredShare is pivotal to the world-class security and functionality we offer to our users. He is highly experienced in pursuing tech investment opportunities, creating technology roadmaps, and scaling the business. He is a 3x founder, and Startup culture evangelist.

Why CredShare?
Today critical documents lack transparency between issuer, hirer and individual.

CredShare is a centralised cache of documents that certify individuals, protects organisations and improves issuers’ capability to deliver certifications.

Rua Alsalim – Head of Marketing

About Rua
Rua brings over 10 years of experience driving market growth for well-known brands and businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Prior to joining CredShare, Rua spent some time working for one of Australia’s Big 4 banks leading a successful marketing acquisition strategy and large-scale brand and product campaigns – which have been recognised by the Advertising Industry for their market-leading and engaging creative.

What Rua Brings to CredShare
Rua is a passionate advocate for the customer experience through best in class UX and integration of Human Centred Design into everything we do. Having worked across multiple sectors, she understands the customer and the importance of a seamless brand experience.

Why CredShare?
CredShare is the platform users didn’t know they needed – until now! 

Our game-changing platform allows users to store and share all their tickets, licenses, documents and credentials in a safer, better and faster way than they ever have before.


We’re very excited to welcome 3 key team members to CredShare as they bring their vast array of experience from their areas of expertise into this exciting new phase for our platform!