How to Store Details from the USI Efficiently on CredShare

CredShare May 15, 2021

Your Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a vital piece of information that you have for life. It gives you an online record of any national training you’ve done. 

If you’re at TAFE, University, or any other recognised training center, you need to have a USI.

But if you don’t know your USI code or don’t know how to get one, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s everything you need to know about your USI, what you can use it for, and how CredShare allows you to store the credentials attached to it all in one place.

What Is A Unique Student Identifier (USI)? 

A unique student identifier (USI) is a lifetime education number or code provided to anyone who has attended university, TAFE, or other types of national training undertaken in Australia. It also acts as an online record of your Vocational Education and Training (VET) anywhere in Australia. 

The USI lets individuals show their skills, credentials and abilities to future employers. It contains data and information that top companies can access, giving them a greater understanding of who they are hiring.

What Can You Do With Your USI?

The USI creates a secure online record of your nationally recognised training that you can access anytime and anywhere. Once you’ve created a USI on the USI website, you can view all your transcripts and records that you have completed or are working on.

If you’re a Uni student, your USI will give you access to your HELP funds and all other required funds throughout your education.

Without a USI, you can’t get Commonwealth financial assistance or your qualification or statement of attainment.

Where Can You Find Your Unique Student Identifier? 

A USI is given to you from the training program you first enrol in, e.g. a uni or TAFE. If you don’t know your USI, you can find it on the USI website, where you can check if you have an existing USI or set one up. 

Never lost your USI again – store it on CredShare

Did you know you can store your USI in your CredShare account profile?

The USI website allows you to keep track of all your training details and make it easy to find your VET transcripts in one place. But, you may also choose to download them to store in CredShare, for an easier way to share them with employers.


The CredShare Difference

As well as storing your transcripts and training records, CredShare allows you to store all other credentials such as your passport, driver’s license and police check. This puts all your credentials in one place as opposed to individually accessing a one-time website for each of them.

From one account, you can easily gather and share your credentials with future employers. You get full control over who you want to share them with and for how long. 

On top of this, you get expiry notifications across a safe and secure encrypted platform, so you know they’re always up-to-date and ready anytime you need them.

If you like to keep a close watch of your educational documents and other lifetime certificates, CredShare can help you organise and manage all your credentials in one place. 

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