How to Get Your Workforce Ready for the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 Aug 12, 2020

COVID-19 has created significant challenges for organisations today, not only for making sure their business is able to safely continue serving their customers and stakeholders, but also in making sure their people are able to manage new work challenges amidst the pandemic. 

Making sure their people have the proper qualifications and credentials is vital, but one of the key tasks faced by organisations is to prepare their employees and subcontractors to handle and manage the challenges brought by COVID. An example of this is to upskill and train their people in the new COVID-19 work health and safety protocols, which entails tracking specific role requirements.

Today’s organisations must equip their people with the crucial information to ensure they’re ready for the ‘new normal’. Whether it be training their people on new communication software as they work-from-home, diversifying their skills if people numbers are down, or qualifying them with the new health and safety measures required by health and safety authorities, it’s a crucial step. 

The Case of the Hospitality & Tourism Industry 

Now, more than ever, health and safety have become a primary concern around Australia, especially when delivering services within the hospitality and tourism industries. With heightened health concerns, people need to have the right information and training to ensure their staff and customers stay safe.

In Western Australia, it is now compulsory for all tourism and hospitality workers to complete the AHA Online COVID-19 Hygiene Course prior to reopening.  

As more restrictions are lifted in NSW and tourism and hospitality operators restart their businesses, it is mandatory for them to develop and implement a COVID-19 safety plan that includes physical distancing and hygiene practices. 

Why You Need to be Prepared 

As organisations navigate through the current challenges of COVID-19, the way to safely move forward is by responding swiftly to the crisis and being proactive to make it safe for your customers and  workforce  to deal with what may lie ahead. 

It can be costly and time-consuming to manage the growing list of COVID-19 and other health and safety compliance requirements, in addition to the hundreds to thousands of other required credentials. But your customers and stakeholders will be grateful for your proactivity and preparedness. 

In due time, organisations will be able to reap the benefits of a workforce that’s better equipped to deal with the current crisis so they can serve your customers better.  

Organisations can take a proactive approach in helping their people by ensuring they are competent with new safety protocols and feel safe enough to do their job. This goes hand-in-hand with making sure they have the right credentials in place and are well-qualified to function successfully in their role. 

Now, more than ever, as organisations try to pivot their strategy, it is crucial to get your people aligned to ensure your business is able to adapt to these new demands.  

But more importantly, organisations will need to make sure their people are fully supported and feel safe as they return to work. 

There are also costs to non-compliance, which may impact not only your bottom line but also your reputation as well, which is all the more important during these challenging times. 

You can learn more about the steps to becoming a COVID-safe business here.

How CredShare Is Helping Employers Keep Up

CredShare is here to help you and your workforce meet the rising demands and challenges of  the new normal in business. 

When you set up a business account with the CredShare platform, you get easy access to a unified dashboard that allows you to view all of your people, their roles and their required credentials at a glance, making it easy for you to manage, request, and track their important work records all in one place, and at a significant reduction in time and cost.  

CredShare gives organisations an efficient, simple, and less costly way to securely manage the credentials of their people, so they never have to worry about where they are stored and who has access. It makes recruitment easier and gives your recruitment team some peace of mind knowing that current and future people have the right credentials for their roles. 

More importantly, it’s also free to use for individuals and a convenient, secure and easy way for them to store and access their credentials on the cloud so they can access it on the go. 

Save time and money with CredShare. Manage the credentials of your people easily so you can ensure everyone is qualified to manage the challenges of COVID-19, allowing you to focus your efforts on crucial initiatives that can lead your organisation to the right way forward. 

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