CredShare™ Provides an Immediate ‘Vaccination Bungle’ Solution

COVID-19 Mar 1, 2021

Recently a medical practitioner contracted by a major Australian health care service provider accidentally injected an aged care patient with four times the recommended dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

It is understood that the practitioner had not received the necessary Covid-19 vaccination procedure training or a credential for having participated in the training.

The health care service provider also had no record of successful training by the contractor or any of its other staff.

The result has been:

  • The potential danger to the patient’s health.
  • Effect on the medical practitioners’ ongoing contract.
  • Possible restrictions on medical practitioners medical licence.
  • Impact on the health care provider’s reputation and brand.
  • Generating public safety concerns regarding the immunisation program rollout.
  • State Government concern about the aged care institution rollout being administered by the Federal Government.

This is all simply a corporate credential compliance management failure.

CredShare’s enterprise credential compliance management was specifically designed to solve this very issue and is one that could be implemented immediately.

It guarantees health service providers involved in the national immunisation program will never send a medical practitioner that is not trained to an aged care facility.

This is possible because successful completion of required training is stored as a verified credential issued by the Federal Government in an individual’s CredShare account.

That Credential can be shared with a health care provider in its CredShare compliance system and is simply managed by an enterprise dashboard to provide an automatic, accurate record of compliance for each and every worker or contractor in its program of work.

At the same time, this will provide certification and compliance for external Government audit, approval and payment.