CredShare Offers a Powerful Solution for the Post-COVID 19 Economy

COVID-19 Feb 5, 2021

We know the COVID-19 global pandemic has had an enormous impact on every country around the world.   

Not only in terms of the health and wellbeing of its citizens but the subsequent economic impact to businesses and individuals with the associated and necessary regional lockdowns and border closures.

The hospitality, travel and tourism sectors, in particular, have been hit hard but so has the business of international education providers.

In the next 18 months, the rollout of a COVID-19 Immunisation program will allow the rebuilding of community confidence and provide a safe return to work, school, events, and of course to once again travel.

Regulators are being pressured by the industry to clarify what will be required to ‘prove’ individuals have been immunised. For example, airlines have been one of the first to insist on an immunisation proof-before-boarding approach before business can restart.


Federal Government Approach

The Federal Government will spend millions setting up tracking and monitoring systems for its planned COVID-19 vaccination program that’s slated to begin in March.

Centered around the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is an existing whole-of-life national immunisation register that will capture vaccines administered to those living in Australia. System enhancements will be made to record all COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Mandatory reporting in the Australian Immunisation Register means that people will be able to view an immunisation certificate, get alerts, or check immunisation history statements through their My Health Record (MHR).


CredShare Extends the Power of this Critical Capability

For community trust purposes, it is important that the AIR remains the trusted immunisation certification source and that it remains the sole issuing and verification authority for COVID-19 Immunisation Certificates.

But not all citizens will have a myGovID or access to Medicare Online.

Even if they did, access to the vaccination certificate resides in a single, separate myGov location separate from any or all of the other credentials an individual requires for work, study, or travel. This takes away control for a user to easily share identified life or work credentials and a vaccination certificate from a single location.

A more flexible and secure private location would be a CredShare account.

It should be possible for an individual to have their vaccination certification directly ‘co-shared’ from the AIR into their My Health Record and, at the same time, into their CredShare account.

Two views of the vaccination immunisation can then exist at the same time — one in MyGov (as the original source record) and another in their individual CredShare account.

Doing so can help an individual maintain a CredShare account to easily collate all relevant credentials for whatever purpose required.

To maintain the related individual’s records integrity, the COVID-19 Immunisation Certificate will be automatically verified by the AIR as it is viewed and improves confidence for all interested parties. It does this by employing a multi-layer verification process:  

  • The vaccination credential is what it says it is, 
  • The individual is who they say they are, and 
  • The immunisation credential belongs to them.

The benefit to the Government is that this approach extends the reach of the AIR capability without impugning the record as a true and accurate source of the vaccination certificate.

This combines two important policy initiative requirements from the government by:

  • Empowering CredShare users to participate directly in stimulating and accelerating the regrowth in the economy post-pandemic. 
  • Providing simpler and easier access to the Government’s digital services.


Powerful, Flexible, Efficient Use of Government Capability

Extending access to this critical vaccination certificate to external platforms like CredShare will go a long way in helping individuals have ready access to this critical record for work, study, or travel.

Credshare can easily provide this secure capability, promoting better flexibility and efficiency along the way, which will be a powerful way to kickstart our economy.


About CredShare

CredShare understands the severity of having a non-compliant workforce. It can result in large fines and affect business credibility. As we will see with COVID-19, new regulations designed to protect people often require an increase in the burden of compliance. 

CredShare is a digital platform that makes managing workforce compliance easier for both workers and organisations. Through the CredShare platform, organisations can store, manage and update credentials in one place, get real-time expiry notifications, and conveniently track workforce compliance at a glance.

Sign up with CredShare today to empower your workforce, reduce compliance risks, and protect your business.