CredShare Joins ICoBC

updates Mar 17, 2021

CEO Andrew McMillan is pleased to announce that CredShare has joined the International Council on Badges and Credentials (ICoBC) and will participate in the Councils “21st Century Skills Working Group”.

“ICoBC is a critical organisation for ensuring that badges and credentials for next-generation employment or study are a relevant and appropriate representation of the activity that has been undertaken to earn the badge or credential,” said Andrew.

Combined with CredShares partnering Digital Identity capability with Australia Posts Digital iD, ICoBC’s charter fits with our mantra in the credential space:

  • ‘I am who I say I am’
  • ‘This credential is what it says it is’
  • ‘I own it’, and
  • ‘I decide who needs to view it for my work, study or travel purposes’

“I hope that our working group participation will help advance the link to the enterprise environment more efficiently. The right employees, at the right time, with the right skills, is what leads to increased productivity and bottom-line performance” Mr McMillan said.