CredShare invited to Canberra to showcase our innovation to help open up borders

COVID-19 Jun 25, 2021

CredShare was pleased to present our credential compliance management system as a part of goPassport’s solution to open up our international, domestic and bubble borders for business and tourism travel. The seminar took place in Canberra on June 17th, 2021 with over 150 in-person and online participants.

The seminar organised by goPassport included a number of international speakers sharing their knowledge and experiences. 

Among the many attendees were Rebecca Distler and Ethan Veneklasen from Good Health Pass.

Good Health Pass reinforced the importance of an individual having the ability to capture and manage all of the credentials required for travel at the border and in destination – not just Covid testing and Immunisation Certificates. A toolset that enables ‘verified credentials’ and the ability to control ‘selective disclosure’ by travellers was described as key by Good Health Pass. This is exactly what CredShare provides to goPassport.

CredShare and goPassport also presented to the Government the importance of deploying a framework for ‘accrediting’ technologies similar to what’s achieved with the myGovID Trusted Digital Identity Framework. 

This is especially important as Apple have indicated they won’t accept applications into their App Store unless they’ve been recognised by an appropriate independent authority.

This is why we believe it’s important for the Government to enable digital technology as an integral and central element of its portfolio of solutions to reopen borders.

Interested in reading the full Seminar Report? Click here to read it. 

And please take a look at our presentation given by Grame Barty, our Head of Issuance Authorities:

Delivering Next-Generation Traveller Credential Compliance for the goPassport Safe Travel Solution [PDF]

As we know, this is Australia and the world’s most pressing economic growth driver and we are proud to be at the forefront of this requirement by providing an important component of the solution to the goPassport platform.