CredShare: Helping You Stand Out for that Next Job Opportunity

CredShare Jun 1, 2020

With unemployment rates skyrocketing due to Covid-19, finding work is a difficult and frustrating task for most Aussie jobseekers. When applying for jobs, it’s more important than ever to position yourself at the front of the pack for recruiters and hirers to give you the best chance at winning the job. At CredShare, we think everyone should use this time to upskill and fill out any gaps in your credentials so you’re ready to show potential employers you’re the right fit.

But how do you get started when you can’t remember the last time you updated your credentials?

Well, that’s where comes in.


CredShare is here to help 

For the longest time, we’ve found that workers, employers, and sub contractors struggle with storing, sharing and gathering job credentials and licenses. 

In the midst of COVID-19 job layoffs, applying for a job and finding the right role is more stressful with so much more at stake. You’ll want to ensure that your credentials are all conveniently in one place. 

This is why the CredShare platform was built to store and manage credentials so workers can easily apply for jobs, share their creds with employers, and increase their chances of getting hired. Businesses and employers can also use it to manage and gather the credentials of their team easily. 

CredShare was developed to be a digital home for all job credentials. If you’re a worker looking for your next employment opportunity, you can easily share your credentials with potential employers through the platform and get notified when they expire, so you know it’s always updated. Share all or selected credentials with anyone, anytime from your mobile or laptop and store them all in one place.  


Always be job-ready, especially when it’s most important 

Now that jobseekers are faced with more competition, and recruiters under increasing pressure to quickly fill out critical roles, having your credentials ready when you need them makes it easy for headhunters to find you. This can make all the difference in landing that job quickly. 

But updating your credentials for that next job opening can be a nightmare when you have to scour through older files on your PC for the most updated version. Many job seekers may also get stuck figuring out how to export image files to PDFs and vice versa. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you had all your credentials in one place, and be able to access them even while you’re on the go? 

The CredShare platform gives you the ability to update your credentials anywhere, anytime so you can get your time back and spend less time working on credentials in different file formats or finding where they’re stored. 

With CredShare, you can collate and organise all credentials in one digital platform. All that’s left to do is to upload them on the platform or app and share the link with your current or prospective employer — easy!


Never let your credentials expire 

Have you ever gone to a big interview only to find out that your credentials are expired? 

Credentials matter to employers as they show a potential hire is compliant, qualified, and credible. 

CredShare helps you keep track of your credentials with automatic reminders to your email when a credential is about to expire or has expired. You can log on and easily track their expiry dates on your CredShare dashboard, so that you’ll always have peace of mind knowing your credentials are always up-to-date. 

Remember that your credentials are a valuable currency in today’s current job climate. Your credentials help increase your value to potential employers and amplifies your ability to get better jobs with the pay you deserve. 


It’s free to join and free to use, we got you 

With so many people losing their jobs to the COVID-19 crisis, CredShare wants to help and provide you the tools for getting hired and career success. 

The CredShare platform is free, and always will be, because we want all workers to get the best chance of landing the job they want. 

All you need to do is create an account, upload your credentials, and start sharing! 


CredShare New Jobs Platform: Coming Soon 

CredShare is excited to introduce our new jobs platform, available soon for desktop at 

This new feature aggregates jobs from all the top recruitment websites into one place. That way you can apply for your preferred roles and easily share your credentials via CredShare.

Stay tuned for updates and find out more about the launching of the new jobs platform here. 


CredShare: Helping You Manage Your Credentials in One Place 

We live in trying times and we know how difficult it can be to not know where you’re next paycheck is coming from. CredShare wants to empower jobseekers with a seamless credentials management platform that can help them stay ahead of the curve, find the roles that fit them, and always be ready when the right opportunity comes along. 

At CredShare, we believe that in the face of a challenging employment landscape, being prepared for the job you need should be the least of your worries. 

Create a CredShare account today.  

With everything that’s happening in the world, we all need to do our bit to reduce the spread of the pandemic for the sake of health, safety, and productivity. With your help, we can get back to how it used to be, with more business and greater job prospects for everyone. Play your part and download the COVIDSafe app, available now for Android and iOS.