CredShare Executive Leading Global Working Group On Digital Credentials

CredShare Sep 2, 2021

CredShare’s Head of Issuance Authorities, Grame Barty, has been appointed to lead an international working group on digital credentials. 

The International Council of Badges and Credentials (ICoBC) has selected Grame to lead an international working group on the Role for Digital Credentials in Workforce Development and Engagement, citing his experience across digital repository technology innovation and understanding of international markets. 

The group will draw on expertise from around the world to position the role for, and importance of, digital credentials as it relates to the changing nature of work and the future skills required by employers  to engage in that work.

“As the digital economy grows so will the requirement for digital engagement in workforce development and engagement. Not only will more training be delivered online, so will the certification of that training,” Grame said.  

“But any certification of skills will need to be trusted by employers. This working group will play a key role in identifying the issues associated with trust in the link between digital certifications, and identities, as well as showcasing best-practice examples for their use.”  

Using his appointment to advance recognition of the value in digital credentials as well as the part credential repositories like CredShare can play in driving acceptance and trust, Grame looks forward to the impact the working group can have on the global workforce and those associated with it. 

“We live in a digital world. We now need to simplify the way we manage our important information digitally. But it has never been more important that that information be secure, verified and linked to the individual. Digital credentials have an increasingly critical role in the evolution of workforce development and that is why I am so keen to be involved with this ICoBC Working Group.”

Grame Barty is renowned as a leading global strategic thinker.

He is one of Australia’s leading experts in the global commercialization of technology innovation.

Over a ten year period he founded a company – HarvestRoad Ltd – that developed one of the world’s first cloud based learning object repositories for the education and Defence training sectors.

He then joined Austrade where he was appointed firstly to run Austrades pan American operations based in Los Angeles and then as Executive Director International Group based in Sydney headquarters.