Creating Personalised ‘Credential Packs’ for Your Life Admin

CredShare Jun 11, 2021

Digital credentials and the capture and use of those credentials is becoming an everyday part of our lives – the trend is moving away from paper qualifications and certifications, and even plastic payment systems seem to be a thing of the past. Education, payment and license credentials are now easily accessible in a few clicks within our smartphones. With the everyday user shifting towards digital-first and smartphones, the demand calls for an easy way for people to manage their ‘life admin’ in the cloud.   

Introducing the Concept of Credential Packs

What’s missing is the ability to empower individuals to create their own reusable and customisable fit for purpose ‘credential packs’

Definition: Credential Packs

The ability for an individual to simultaneously create and customise one or many credentials, into a ‘pack or packs’ and to be able to share these packs for a specific purpose, to one, or to many organisations.

A ‘credential pack’ allows an individual to compile their accredited training badges for a specific job or task that may be simultaneously required by one, or many employers. They can also choose to add other relevant work or life credentials in a per requirement customised ‘pack’. 

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CredShare offers this very unique capability with an easy to use, secure platform and provides the choice of managing the credentials within a smartphone application or a desktop view.

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