4 Reasons Why Credentials Are a Pain to Manage

Info Feb 26, 2020

Picture this: a plumber finally lands the job request he’s been eyeing since last week. The pay is good, and he needs it all the more because his birthday’s coming up and his friends are getting together for a big night out. 

But when the client checks his licences, a sinking realisation hits him. Hard. On the face. His plumbing licence has expired — and he didn’t even know. 

So much for night outs and better pays. 

But are credentials and certifications really that important?

Without a doubt. 

Tickets, licenses, IDs, white cards — all these prove a person’s ability to get the job done. It’s super important to have these creds within your reach all the time.   

They ensure employers that you are compliant and meet legal requirements that are crucial to your future role. They also prove your worth and show employers that you are the right person for the job so you can scale to even more projects that pay better.

But the thing is, not all credentials are created equal. 

Some are permanent, like a university degree. Some can expire, like a licence. 

Nowadays, trust and credibility are the new currency. That’s why it pays to keep track of creds, making sure they are up-to-date and relevant. 

And here lies the problem — whether you’re a worker or managing them, keeping track of expiring credentials can be an absolute pain in the neck. 

Let’s dive deeper to why this is the case.

They come in different formats and stored in different ways 

Many of these credentials come in PDF or Word format while some are JPEGs. Others come in old-school hard copies. They’re saved in computers, mobile phones, or drives. These hard copies are probably gathering dust inside drawers, their inks fading over time. 

Because of this, it’s not uncommon for these important documents to go missing, which puts you at risk of losing track of them. 


It takes lots of darn admin time!

It’s good to be hard at work on tasks that positively impact the bottom line — admin time is not one of them. But did you know that on average, employees waste three hours each week on unnecessary admin tasks

That’s equivalent to a productivity loss of $3,900 per employee per year — and not to mention unnecessary boredom! 

Managing credentials might seem like a simple task, but it could take hours to complete.  Finding missing documents and updating them puts a massive time strain on you, robbing you of time that could have been used doing something else.

Instead of managing people and growing the business, employers end up chasing credentials, recording them into the system, and updating them as they expire or are renewed.  

Instead of taking on more jobs and getting paid, workers end up spending many hours searching every nook and cranny for their credentials, collating them, and having them ready for the next job application. This is no easy task, especially when applying for multiple jobs. They would think they are all set for the job interview, only to find out that an important credential has just expired.


Non-compliance puts everyone at risk 

Workers need to keep watch of expired licences and credentials. This can put them and the organisation they represent at risk for noncompliance, leading to severe penalties, fines, or lawsuits

In fact, did you know that being caught working without a licence will result in penalties of up to $110,000. That’s a lot of money — enough money to get you two brand-new cars!

No wonder employers are forced to undertake manual processes of managing credentials. 

But with inefficient and cumbersome processes, it makes it easier for missing, expiring or expired creds to go unnoticed.


There’s no simple way to manage them all in one place

Simplifying the process of storing, managing, and tracking credentials is time-saving and cost-efficient, removes bottlenecks, and ensures clear documentation. 

But today, managers still rely on time-consuming spreadsheets and manual systems with credential management. Workers still lack the tools to get their credentials ready for their next interviews.  

There’s no easy way to streamline credentials management, no one place that lets workers and employers store, access, and manage credentials — until now.


CredShare: The digital home for all credentials 

CredShare is the one place where businesses and workers can gather and store credentials, making it easier for them to manage and present workers’ creds for their projects. Signing up is easy, and it’s free. 

This all-new platform allows employers to view workers’ credentials, add and manage workers to projects, get alerts as credentials approach expiry, and invite subcontractors to get their workers’ credentials on CredShare for maximum visibility.

For workers, it’s a great platform that keeps all creds securely in one place. It gives you easy access to update and share them at any time or anywhere. You also get alerted for any expiring creds, so they can renew them right away and keep taking on new projects. CredShare is available as an app for workers on iOS and Android


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